​2017 was a busy year for the Martinsburg Historical Society. We hosted the Anna Gert Arthur Walk in June and a dedication of the restoration of the West Martinsburg Cemetery with military honors for 31 known veteran burials from the  the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War , Spanish American War and a military recruiter for New York State.  This event, held on August 13th, was in addition to our very successful golf tournament August 5th and Martinsburg Day on August 12th. In September of 2017 we were notified that all of our efforts on behalf of the historic 1st County Clerk's Office were meaningful. Our building, called "the brick building" and once home to the Lewis County Clerk's Office, was named to the New York State Register of Historical Sites. In October we were notified that the building had been named to the National Register of Historic Sites. 

​Anna Gert Arthur was a beloved school teacher at the school house located in the hamlet of Martinsburg. The school no longer stands but each year, we honor Miss Arthur and her dedication to the children of Martinsburg. She taught several generations of children from Martinsburg over her 30 plus years of teaching. This last year, a group of "walkers" gathered at the school site and walked from that site to Miss Arthur's home on the corner of State Rte. 26 and Cemetery Road. That was the daily walk Miss Arthur took to and from school each day. In 2018 we hope to make this annual event and possibly an ice cream social event. Stay tuned for further information!

​​​On Martinsburg Day we shared a small publication to honor "Women or Martinsburg, Throughout Our History. "  It seems to be the year of the women and Martinsburg had its share of women leaders who helped an early settled Martinsburg grow. Women were selected who represented 5 different categories; early settlers, historians, founders community leaders and centenarians.

Early Settlers              Historians               Founders               Community Leaders              Centenarians

Lydia Pitcher                Elizabeth Arthur      Doris Thisse           Dr. Anistice Harris                  Irene Manzer

Hannah Arthur             Dora Stile             Mildred Arthur       Alice Whitaker                       Tiny Schwartzentruber

                            Doris Thisse             Margaret Ransiear  Fora Pitcher                             Anna Belle Ingersoll

                                     Loretta Alexander     Dawn Doud            Violetta Hazen

                                                                                                       Anna Arthur

                                                                                                       Tess Ingersoll

West Martinsburg Cemetery Event

Our Brick Building

Built in 1847

1st Lewis County Clerk's Office


Lewis County

Owned by the Martinsburg Historical Society

Our "Brick Building" was placed on the State and National Historic Register in 2017.