​2016 was a busy year for the Martinsburg Historical Society. We hosted the Anna Gert Arthur Walk in June 18th, a dedication of the restoration of our one room school house on Ramos Road on September 10 and had military honors at the restored Strader Cemetery located just off of Borkowski Road on September 24th. All of these events were in addition to our very successful golf tournament August 6th and Martinsburg Day on August 13th.

​Anna Gert Arthur was a beloved school teacher at the school house located in the hamlet of Martinsburg. The school no longer stands but each year, we honor Miss Arthur and her dedication to the children of Martinsburg. She taught several generations of children from Martinsburg over her 30 plus years of teaching. This last year, on June 18th, a group of "walkers" gathered at the school site and walked from that site to Miss Arthur's home on the corner of State Rte. 26 and Cemetery Road. That was the daily walk she took to and from school each day. In 2017 we expect to make this annual event into and ice cream social event. Stay tuned for further information!

On September 10th we dedicated the Ramos Rd. School, Town of Martinsburg District #4 school, after 4 years of restoration work. We also dedicated the road sign that designates this area as an original school district site. This school was used until 1958. Many former students attended the event along with the Lowville Central School Superintendent, Cheryl Steckly. 

On September 24th, the Martinsburg Historical Society hosted a dedication ceremony at the Strader Cemetery. This project took more than 4 years to complete with the help of the Town of Martinsburg, the Lewis County Historical Society, volunteers, Doug Rook and Town Historian, Sue Adsit. The cemetery is located in a wooded area off Borkowski Rd. It is the burial site of John Archer, War of 1812 veteran. There are about 20 know burials in this cemetery. It was once fronted by a now nonexistent road and the North Martinsburg Methodist Episcopal Church. 

   Thank you, John Archer, for your service.